4 Signs That Tell You a Sewer Pipe Burst

Man fixing the sewer pipes

Sewer pipes can be disastrous when they burst. Water damage to your home, flooding, and several other problems can plague you when a burst pipe remains unrepaired. But how can you recognize a burst sewer pipe? Read on to find out.

Action Plumbing warns that when you notice any of these signs around your home, you have to respond quickly. The quicker you act, the lower the repair costs will be. You can have your sewer line inspected by a Salt Lake City plumbing contractor. When the plumber detects a burst pipe, you can have your sewer pipe replaced with trenchless sewer lines that require no digging.

Water Back Up the Drain

Several signs can tell you that a sewer pipe burst or broke. For one, your toilets and sinks can fill up with water backing up the drains. You can try to solve the backing up first using a plunger, a plumbing snake, or a drain cleaner since the problem may be just a simple clog. If water still backs up afterwards, you now know the problem is a burst sewer pipe.

Drains Going Slow

Now, you may not have water backing up drains, but you may have slow draining toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. When you notice water going down the drains slower than usual, you can again treat them as clogs. When the problem persists immediately after your treatment or after a while, you can conclude that you have a broken sewer pipe.

Havoc in the Basement or the Yard

Your yard or basement may also show signs of a broken sewer pipe. These include flooding in the basement or yard. Even when no flooding occurs in the yard, vegetation in certain areas may grow particularly healthier than their surroundings. A sinkhole can also develop because of the water leaking out into the soil. You may also smell foul odors because of the escaping water.

Affected Driveways or Pathways

Water can also go under paved driveways or pathways. Asphalt will deteriorate because of the water, and you can assume the water came from a broken sewer pipe. Cemented driveways and pavers, on the other hand, may crack and sink.

Watch out for these signs and call the professionals immediately to have your plumbing system inspected and fixed.

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