What Makes Dental Implants Superior to Dentures and Bridges

Overview of dentist working on a patient

Did you happen to lose a tooth or multiple teeth? Do not let the days go by that you have a smile you are not comfortable with. A variety of dental treatments is available for that particular problem.

There are three types of replacements available today. You may go for dentures, which could be either partial or complete. Whilst these may seem real and durable, some find it unsettling to have to remove it for cleaning every so often. Not to mention, there is the chance that dentures could slip out when they are not properly secured in the mouth.

More Secure Options

As such, some choose a more secure option, such as a fixed dental bridge. Using a cement composite, the area of the missing teeth would be filled. Depending on the condition of the tooth that will serve as the bridge’s base, a root canal treatment might be necessary. This is a tedious procedure, but it would prevent excessive sensitivity in the long run.

Considering the drawbacks of the previous treatment options, more people are turning to dental implants in Kingston and other locations in the UK. This involves the use of titanium to replace completely lost teeth. The attachment will fuse with the jawbone, allowing for sturdy base and a more realistic feel for the patient. In addition, implants look like the natural teeth.

Going for the Definitive

Putting implants in place requires extensive training and skill on the part of the dentist. In line with this, do not hesitate to get to know the dentist you want to work with. Ask about the most important details, such as years of experience in performing dental implant procedures and the cost of treatment.

Implants done by a competent and highly experienced dentist would be a good investment. Choosing this option will let you achieve a set of teeth that will not slip or break easily.

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