Dogs Deserve a Day Off, Too: Dog-Friendly Activities in Sentosa

Beach in SentosaEverybody needs to have a break once in a while, from the university students trying to get their dissertation done to the working professionals trying to meet deadlines. You're not the only one one who could use a day off, though. Your dog also deserves a holiday every now and then.

Look no further than Sentosa – The State of Fun for dog-friendly activities during the weekend. You can spend quality time with your pet while strolling along the beach and going on a food trip.

Stroll Along Tanjong Beach Walk

Tanjong Beach offers tranquillity under the sun and with a gentle breeze, making it a local favourite. It is an ideal location to de-stress, to forget about academics or your workplace for a while. It is an even better location for spending a lovely time with your dog.

The beach walk welcomes all dogs, enabling them to explore off-leash for a more enjoyable time. And when they are tired from exploring under the sun, they may cool off by heading to the sea for some water fun.

Dine Along Siloso Beach Walk

Whereas Tanjong Beach welcomes absolute relaxation, Siloso Beach entices with a bit of excitement. It is home to some of the hippest bars and restaurants in the country, ideal for individuals who enjoy experimenting with their food options.

What makes the beach walk even better is that it has dog-friendly restaurants such as Coastes, a dining place known for its burger, pizza and pasta. Alternatively, you may take your furry friend to Wave House Sentosa if you’re in the mood for modern Californian Asian cuisine.

Go on a holiday when school or work overwhelms you—but bring your dog along. It’s a great way to spend quality time, and to rediscover the dog-friendly activities and hip, fun places on Sentosa.

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