Your Temporary Crown Fell Off, Now What?

A dentist showing her teeth through a screen

Most dental repair work, such as a temporary crown, will not last forever. They are simply placeholders for permanent crowns like a zirconia crown. Temporary crowns that fall off may mean that the foundation is not enough to support the crown or the fit is no longer adequate. In case your temporary crown pops off, keep these things in mind to prevent it from coming loose in the future.

Remove the Crown Completely

You won’t be able to use the crown if you swallow it. So, take the temporary crown out of your mouth immediately if it pops out of its original position. This way you can avoid accidentally ingesting or inhaling it into your lungs. Furthermore, you should note that if you breathe the crown in and spit it back out, it won’t be safe to use it again — it may already be infected, after all.

Call Your Dentist

Give your dentist a call to schedule an appointment and inform him or her that your temporary crown came off. Provide as much details as you can so that they can gauge the severity of your situation. Your dentist may ask you to glue the tooth back using temporary dental cement while you wait for the appointment.

Clean the Crown

Before reattaching your temporary crown, you will need to clean it first. Get a clean toothbrush and gently scrub the crown and the area in your mouth where your crown fell off. This minimises the risk of infection and ensures that you will attach a clean crown.

Use a Temporary Crown Cement to Glue the Crown

Temporary crown cement is typically found at your local pharmacy store. Ask your dentist or pharmacist for further advice if you don’t know what kind of crown cement you should purchase. Once you have the dental glue, dry both the crown and your mouth. Make sure to follow the directions printed on the label before you glue the temporary crown.

If your temporary crown falls off and the dentist isn’t readily available, you can do your part in maintaining your dental work by keeping a cool head and temporarily glueing the crown. Avoiding munching on sticky foods until your dentist can install the permanent crown is also advisable.

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