Why should I consider getting dental implants?

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When seeking out options for tooth replacement it is important to understand all the options and what are considered to be longer term solutions. This is where dental implants Hertfordshire come in.

What is the process?

Deciding on a suitable dental treatment or procedure is a big decision and one that will always need a lot of thought and research. This is why, with any treatment or procedure a consultation will first take place before any major decisions have been made. Throughout these consultations not only will your dental team discuss the implant procedure along with all the pros and cons to the treatment, but they will also examine your teeth, mouth and gums to ensure that this procedure will be the most suitable for your individual case.

Once the examination has taken place and any photographs or X-rays have been taken to help establish whether your bone structure is suitable for the procedure you will, if suitable, undergo your first procedure. To begin with, a small incision will be made within the gum and the small titanium post, commonly known as the dental implant, will be drilled into the jawbone. Whilst this may all sound rather scary, the procedure is carried out numerous times across the world and only requires a local anaesthetic. Once this post is in place the gum will be closed up and in most cases left to heal before any further work is carried out. This healing time allows the surrounding bone to fuse the implant in place ensuring that it is a sturdy base for the tooth replacement. In some cases, a temporary crown or bridge will be inserted onto the post whilst the area heals.


Over the next few months regular check-ups will be booked in to monitor the healing process and ensure that no infections or other dental problems are apparent. Once the area is ready, your dental team will inform you, and you will have the second part of the procedure which is the fitting of your custom-made crown or bridge. Once this has been attached the procedure is finished and going forward you will just need regular check-ups as you would with your natural teeth.

The advantages of choosing this tooth replacement option

Looking at the long term, this particular method of tooth replacement or replenishment has so many benefits. Whilst having a stable post for your tooth or teeth will put your mind at rest, it is also important to understand that this particular procedure can help regenerate the bone growth within your jaw. Losing a tooth, if left untreated, can cause the bone within the jaw to recede and over time cause a sunken appearance to the face. Whilst cosmetically this is not overly appealing, it can also have an effect on the surrounding teeth causing further damage down the line. This simple but effective procedure can eliminate these problems and drastically reduce any further damage to the area as a result.

Along with the stability of the implanted post and tooth, this particular procedure can, when no other dental problems affect it, last as long as 10 years. This does depend on the care taken with the oral hygiene process and individual circumstances, but having a longer term solution is definitely one to consider.

Please note, all dental procedures and treatments can have possible side effects and it is therefore encouraged that all patients seek further information and advice from their local dental team.

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