Become Photo Ready For Your Next Trip

Traveling is both an escape and an adventure to many. We associate a lot of good feelings with going to a new place or revisiting a city that we love. With technology’s convenience, we can capture and freeze these moments through photos that we can always look back to. So we mustn’t just have shots of the scenery alone, but also have some that feature us in that time and place.

To capture perfect photos, everything must appear good from the angles, the timing, and even how we look. Just like in everything that we partake in, we have to prepare to a certain extent, more especially when we’re traveling. 

There’s a lot to take into consideration when traveling, so here are some sure ways to become photo-ready for it

Plan your itinerary carefully.

If you want the perfect travel photos, you have to know where to go first. 

There’s so much you can do in a day, so make sure to plan out your trip and the activities you are going to do in the area. Be as time-efficient as your budget permits you to so that less stress gets a hold of you. Take into account the modes of transportation you will have to set, learn, or be accustomed to. 

Do some research, read travel blogs, go on forum pages, and look up some location guide websites. Take note of the kind of weather in the location and check weather reports from time to time, especially when the day of the trip is nearing.

Make the most out of it by visiting as many notable places as you can (i.e beaches, historical sites, beautiful landmarks, famous locations). Look for the kind of images that other people take in the area so that you have a pose or photo composition already in mind.

Pick out your travel wardrobe.

Always make your outfits weather-appropriate while still being stylish. Your fashion choices can do wonders for how the overall photos turn out. 

If you’re limited on luggage, you can choose different tops with just a few pairs of bottoms or vice versa. The shoes and accessories you bring along should match the rest of your planned outfits.

Try not to overpack as well since it might turn out as a waste of space and baggage as you travel. 

Have a good skincare routine.


Good skin will always reflect in all your vacation photos and it is important to take care of it before and during the trip. 

Proper skin care helps reduce wrinkles and acne. Bring skincare products with you when traveling since different climates and transportation can dry out your skin and clog up pores. Products such as moisturizers, mist sprays, facial cleansers, and facial wipes can keep your skin hydrated and clean. Always pack travel-size sunscreen or lotions that protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

It’s time to get that haircut you might have been wanting.

Your hair is one of the first things people will notice aside from your face. The right cut frames and complements your features for the better. Having hair looking as if it was appropriately styled by professional celebrity hairdressers and not as if you’ve had a very long day is optimal for that perfect shot.

Avoid frizzy hair by using a hair conditioner, hair mousse, and anti-frizz products. Steering clear of hair products that contain alcohol and sulfates ensures that your hair looks and feels as nourished as it can be. 

Aside from hair care, visiting your local hairdresser before your trip gives both you and your upcoming travel photos a fresh feel because of the new look.

Don’t take too many stiff and posey photos.

Apart from preparing your overall vacation ensemble, know the kind of photos that you want. At least two formal shots on each location that you visit are good. But candid and active photos are also part of your best bets.

Take random photos of your companions and have photos of you taken while you’re strolling, sightseeing, eating, and window-shopping. In this manner, your trip and enjoyment aren’t disrupted as you’re all free to just take in the scenery and be in the moment. 

Bring the right and convenient camera equipment with you.

Make sure to have good cameras on your trip. Invest in digital cameras or phones with built-in cameras that have good specs. Polaroid and film cameras are also much welcome if you know how to handle them and also to achieve those vintage, nostalgic shots. 

Try to practice how you take photos as well and get a feel for it so that there’d be no need to bring a tripod stand along.

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