Top Things to Do Before Walking Into a Car Dealership

buying a car

If you’re going to buy a car, you don’t want to be the uninformed buyer in the dealership. That leaves you vulnerable to predatory salesmen and lead you to purchase a car that you don’t really want.

Before you walk into a Volvo car dealer in Auckland such as Archibald and Shorter, here are some important things you need to tick off your to-do list:

1. Research the vehicle

First things first: What type of car do you want? Sure, browsing a dealership’s selection may seem like the best way to find a car that you want, but it’s not going to be that easy. You don’t want to be bombarded with information as you’re browsing cars and then end up not knowing which one to choose.

Research cars before you head to the dealership. Make a list of the models you want and the features you would like to prioritize. Screenshot or print out this information to take with you to the dealership. By doing this, you’re narrowing your choices and making yourself seem like an informed buyer.

2. Learn about the dealership

Not all dealerships are the same. That said, researching the most ideal dealership in your area is another crucial step.

If you find one that has the brand and model you want, take a look at their website. Read reviews from other buyers and look up their rankings on dealer websites. If you see a lot of red flags about that dealership from other reviews (e.g. unscrupulous salesmen, bad deals, etc.), move onto the next one.

3. Get a copy of your credit report

Credit score report with calculator and organizer book

If you’re not paying for the entire price of care upfront, get a copy of your credit report from an online source. Review your credit history and make sure there aren’t any mistakes that you can dispute. If your credit is satisfactory according to the lender’s standards, you can get a loan for your new car.

Moreover, running your own credit report also ensures that you don’t get run twice, which can decrease your credit score. Don’t let your dealer run your credit more than two times.

4. Find out your trade-in value

The best way to get a fair price for your car is to find out its trade-in value in advance. You can do so using a car value estimator online, but make sure you input honest answers to get the most accurate price gauge.

5. Get other people’s opinion

Ask your friends and family members about their opinions regarding your preferred vehicle. If you know someone that drives the car you want, it’s always a good idea to ask them how they like the vehicle. They can share insights about the car that you have never even considered. If possible, ask to borrow it for a test drive.

Unless you are experienced when it comes to buying cars, doing enough preparation is the best way to get the car you want. After all, walking out of a dealership with a car that you don’t really want or need is an awful feeling that you don’t want to experience.

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