Top Easy Ways to Purify Water

Water Purification MethodsEveryone needs clean water. Drinking contaminated water is just as lethal as staying without water for long. Contaminated water comes with numerous diseases. The water may look clean, but is full of harmful pathogens.

Knowing how to purify water saves you against numerous health risks. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can purify water.


Boiling is the simplest form of water purification. Boiling water kills all harmful bacteria that cause diseases. This reduces the possibilities of getting sick. Its simplicity makes it possible for any person to use. All you need is a source of fire and a clean pot to boil the water.

Straining water through cloth

Filtering water through clean cloth is another simple way of purification. This form of filtration eliminates solid impurities from water. It is also effective in the removal of insect larvae. Thick cloth will mean longer filtration. This method is simple, affordable, and useful as a pre-treatment technique.


Chlorination is probably the most common form of water purification, especially for large-scale water treatments. It is a simple and effective way of purifying treatable water. Add recommended amounts of chlorine in water amounts and leave it for thirty minutes before drinking. Chlorine-treated water remains purified for a few days because of chlorine’s non-volatile nature. Chlorine treatment is the easiest and surest way to treat muddy water if properly done.

Clarifier water treatment

A clarifier skimmer is also useful in the treatment of wastewater. This works well as a secondary process of large-scale water treatment. The clarifier separates particles from water, leaving it clean and free of solid particles. This simple technique works even for large-scale wastewater treatment.

Treating drinking water is necessary for users’ health and safety. Fortunately, you do not have to buy expensive purifiers to make your water clean and fit for consumption.

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