Making the Perfect Flame-Grilled Hamburger at Home

grill burger

burgerThere’s nothing more satisfying than a flame-grilled burger than grilling them at home. While you’re drooling all over the thought of making burgers for yourself and some of your family and friends, don’t forget to study how you can make the perfect patties. It’s harder than it looks, so don’t simply buy pre-processed patties from the supermarket if you want your backyard party to be successful.

Get the Grill Going

Using charcoal is the most common way to do barbecue, but Klassic Ice and cooking experts say that you can likewise call for a firewood delivery if that’s how you prefer. If it’s firewood you’re using, however, make sure the distance of the grill from the wood is higher to avoid burning the burgers. Use one side of the grill to melt the cheese and buns, then the patties on the other.

Grind the Meat and Make the Patties Yourself

Make sure that there’s only 20% fat in your burgers. What better way to make sure of this than grinding meat at home? Cube the chuck (great part to buy for patties) and use a large cutting die. Replace it with the smaller die and send the beef through again. This is to achieve better texture and more even distribution of fat. Get yourself a home grinder or ask your butcher to do it for you.

When shaping the meat, don’t overwork it to make sure the patties hold together. One-third pound should be enough. Put a little dimple in the middle using your thumb, so the patty doesn’t shrink too much when hot.

Slice and grill some onions and green chili, red pepper, pineapple or whatever you fancy, while the burgers are cooking. When the patties are done, you can slap them all together and enjoy nice, flame-grilled burgers for you, your family and guests.

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