Tooth Loss Solution: Four Interesting Facts about Dental Implants

dental implants

dental implantsRestoring a healthy and perfect smile is possible with dental implants. This treatment offers a range of benefits that have changed dentistry in many ways. While many dental offices offer this treatment, not everyone is aware of how these artificial tooth roots came to be.

Here are a few interesting facts about this treatment:

The Concept of Dental Implants Started Around 600 AD

Some industry authorities claim that dental implantation started around 600 AD after researchers discovered the remains of a Mayan woman with tooth-like components placed on her jaws. As the Mayans used crude tools, the implantation process was more invasive than what we know today—ancient healers hammer the pieces into the gums. Just imagine how painful that would be. Fortunately, today’s dental treatments use safe and advanced practices for the placement of these artificial tooth roots.

A Percentage of Australians Get Implants at the Age of 35

According to studies, more than 60 per cent of adults between the ages of 35 to 44 lose at least a single tooth in a year. A survey shows that some Australians manage their tooth loss without a denture, but through alternative treatments such as dental implants from Perth dentists. Not everyone may undergo the procedure, though. Dentists still evaluate the condition of the patient prior to treatment.

Implants Fuse with Bones in Time

Some people may ask, “How do implants remain on the gum?” One fact about these artificial tooth roots is that they are osteophilic. These will fuse with the bone to provide a secure anchor for dentures or other teeth replacements. Apart from providing stability for teeth replacements, these aid in bone growth and prevent jawbone loss.

Proper Care is Important

Implants, unlike natural teeth, do not decay due to their synthetic composition. People need to take care of their implants by brushing and cleaning regularly, though. Improper care of the implants may still lead to oral conditions. To keep these artificial tooth roots in good condition, patients must consult their dental hygienist regularly.

These facts highlight the role that dental implants play in oral health. With continuous dental developments, patients can see more of how these artificial tooth roots change their smile for the best.

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