Tips For Hiring a Green Card Attorney

Attorney in UtahImmigration process involves a reasonable amount of work from signing a handful of immigration forms to countless visits to immigration offices. These may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Some cases may be relatively straightforward that you can handle everything on your own while others get equally complicated, thus the need to hire a lawyer.

In Utah or any other state, a green card lawyer can make or break your case. Thus, invest a significant amount of time and effort in finding a good one.

Experience in similar cases

While immigration law is a specialized area of the law, it has multiple subcategories within it. You need to learn how much experience the lawyer has in handling this type of case. Questions like how long the attorney expects the case to last and the number of similar cases he handled this year and their outcomes should help in making a sound judgment.

Membership with AILA

American Immigration Lawyers Association is a national association for attorneys who practice immigration law. Membership in the association indicates a lawyer’s commitment to the practice. Thus, hiring a lawyer with AILA membership assures you of dealing with a lawyer who appreciates immigration law and practices.

Appropriate personality traits

A good green card attorney is tough enough to fight and win a case while maintaining healthy associations with immigration officials. Additionally, you hire a lawyer who you feel comfortable enough to share confidential information.

The lawyer should acquaint you with the case

The first interaction you have with a lawyer should help you have a good sense of what your situation entails. A good lawyer will hand printed materials to help familiarize with your case. Beware of lawyers with a good sales pitch, as they’ll only entice you, but put you in more problems.

While you may feel you have found a good green card attorney, it’s advisable to compare advice with other lawyers. A second opinion reveals whether the first attorney understands your case or not.

When hiring a green card attorney, consider factors such as experience in similar cases, his membership with AILA, his personality traits, and whether he acquaints you with the case.

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