Several Methods of Testing Concrete

Testing Concrete

Testing ConcreteDo you need concrete for your large-scale project in Australia? You might want to test the concrete both when it is fresh and when it has already hardened. Since there are many reasons for concrete testing, you will find that you have several concrete test methods at your disposal. 

Here is Total Scan & Survey‘s review of a few of them.

Slump Test

This test measures the level of consistency in the cement. If the slump is extremely low, the cement will have difficulty flowing. This is a problem in construction because it means that consolidation is limited. High slump is also a cause for worry because the flow can be unmanageable.

Tensile Tests

It is also important to perform a tensile test on your concrete specimen, bearing in mind that concrete structures come under tensile loads. Since it is not possible to subject concrete to uniaxial tension, tensile strength is tested through the split-cylinder and flexure tests.

Compacting Factor Test

The compacting factor is a very important parameter in concrete; it determines the amount of work needed before concrete can be compacted. In technical terms, the property under investigation is called workability. In other words, this test will help you determine the best proportion of water and other components of concrete.

Compression Strength Test

This is easily the most important test you can perform on concrete because it reveals many characteristics of the material. You can use either the cylinder specimen or the cube specimen. Cylinders are mostly used in Australia and the US, while cubes are common in Europe, Russia, and other places.

Air Content Test

It is important to know the air content in fresh concrete, so this test comes in handy. Of course, some of the air will be lost during transportation and other stages of construction.

The suitability, strength and structural integrity of concrete are very critical for its various applications. Make sure that you perform these and other tests so that you can achieve the desired quality of concrete on the site.

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