The Secret Behind Successful Custody Battles

Child Custody

Child CustodyParents interested in winning sole custody of their children end up in court due to disagreements. In such cases, the court determines where the child goes after the divorce.

Sole custody remains a debatable concern between separating couples in Hong Kong. The breakout of heated arguments during battles is understandable; each parent wants the children for their own. Most mothers are used to caring for their children and aim to do so after the separation. On the other hand, fathers refuse to miss out on decision-making regarding their children.

In order to win custody, Haldanes Solicitors and Notaries encourages parents to prepare an effective strategy. The court chooses the parent that best provides for the child and knows their best interests at heart.

Each parent has a fair chance. If you wish to win your child, determination is the key. Winning a custody battle is pretty straightforward with the following steps:

  • Fighting hard for your rights as a parent

From the start of the custody battle, fight as hard as you can. Determine your goals and plan all strategies towards that aim. If you wish to split equal time with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, push for this claim. Devise a plan to show the court that you understand your children’s routine better.

  • Hire an attorney who understands your point-of-view

Attorneys play a big role in winning your custody battle. Find a family law attorney who understands your needs and best presents your case. Ask around for referrals; search online or ask your friends. Search for a lawyer who will help you achieve your goals.

  • Keep a record of everything

Evidence is essential on both sides of the case. In order to win the custody battle, the courts should declare you as the better parent. Keeping track of everything helps you in the long run.

Keep a detailed record of your time with the children. Take numerous pictures and gather witnesses. To disprove your ex-spouse’s claims of being the better parent, record his or her breaches to the agreement.

Separating parents pour time and resources to win sole custody of their children. In practice, both parents have the right to decide on important matters concerning the child.

Follow these steps and enjoy your unlimited time with your children despite the bitterness of a broken marriage.

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