Reasons You Should Stay Away From Social Media During Divorce

Albuquerque Divorce LawyerSocial media, at its core, connects people and puts them in a single online community. Users often use it for communication, but also, at times, bragging snapshots of their food or expressing deep-seated personal views.

During a divorce, it becomes all the more tempting to vent out frustrations using these platforms. Your Albuquerque divorce lawyer would highly advise against it. Here’s why:

Postings on Social Media can Provoke Your Spouse

Whether the split is amicable or not, it would be wise to be cautious when posting on social media. As you’re going through a traumatic process, you and your spouse are both in a heightened emotional state. At such a sensitive time, even something innocent can lead to an explosive backlash. Something as simple as a motivational quote can be taken the wrong way by the other party, who may interpret it as a provocative attack against them.

To be safe, stay away from social media to avoid the potential emotional upset or legal consequences.

Social Media has Become the Easiest Way to Prove Adulterous Behavior

No matter how protected, a social media profile can be a goldmine of data about the owner. From this, lawyers can draw pieces of significant information that they can use against the profile owner during settlement negotiations. These can serve as evidence or indications that someone has engaged in an inappropriate extra marital relationship. Abstaining from social media reduces the risk of exposing delicate information.

Everything Posted and Shared on Social Media is Admissible in Court

Everything you say on your Facebook or Twitter page can be used against you. In the event you go to trial, the judge will consider these pronouncements, and no procedure or process can keep them off record. The only way to ensure this information will not get you in trouble is not to post it at all.

These are just a few of the issues that can arise if you don’t tread cautiously. Take a break. It’s not like you’re saying goodbye to your Facebook or Twitter followers for good. You can always start again once the whole process is over.

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