Living the Good Retirement Life

Retirement LifeLooking for a good retirement home can take time and effort. There are plenty of retirement communities, each one catering to different needs. If you are physically fit but prefer not to worry about some aspects of everyday life, consider becoming a resident in an independent living community.

Independent living communities, such as Fritz Reuter Lifecare Retirement Community, are where residents are those who can still care for themselves and have no need of constant medical supervision. A variety of services is available for these residents including transportation assistance, housekeeping, and meal preparation. It will all just depend on the type of community you move into. Most independent living facilities are near assisted living facilities in case a resident’s care needs to be elevated.

Fees and Costs

There are two ways to fund your entry into a retirement facility. The first is via a lump sum, which may cost you $100,000 to $1 million, depending on the facility. You may then stay there for the remainder of your life. A small fee is collected monthly and your heirs will receive a part of this lump sum at the end of your life. The second method is via monthly rental payments. The average amount of this monthly payment varies per state, with independent living facilities in NJ costing about $3,000 on average while in MA it’s about $4,000.

Life in the Facility

Contrary to the images a community of seniors may bring, living in a retirement community is far from dull. If your old home had a large garden that you personally maintained, you can seek a community that allows you to continue gardening. Part of looking for the right retirement community involves looking at the activities offered by it. You also do not have to worry about having to sell or leave behind your possessions when you move to a community. Independent living communities give you your own space in which you can fill it with your beloved possessions.

Continuing the Good Life

Living your twilight years alone is no way to go about it. By living in a retirement community you surround yourself with similarly aged peers and free you from the mundane concerns of modern life.

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