The Symbiosis of Storytelling and Advertising

AdvertismentHave you heard of Justino?

If not, he is an animated character in a three and a half minute video advertisement for Spain’s Christmas lottery. He is an overnight security guard working at a mannequin factory. He sets up mannequins in certain poses for the daytime staff to have a good time and laugh. The tagline for the short feature is “there is no bigger prize than sharing.”

The story of Justino is something advertising agencies can learn from; they don’t have to be tear jerking all the time. However, it has made a point about how powerful stories are in delivering a branded message.

Looking for Authenticity

Native advertising and branded content are the latest catchphrases in the industry, but advertising experts in Singtel Media cite that the brands like HungryGoWhere that stand out are the most authentic ones. Authenticity is not something with a price tag and easily earned, you have to fight for it. Markets are now more aware of paid advertisements and would rather click away or stop them from fully loading.

With stories, you create a persona that has a face, emotions and complexity that people relate to. Viewers start filling in gaps and piecing a puzzle together because of the story you tell them. If done successfully, you may not have to hard sell your products or services to them. They will willingly choose your brand over the competition.

Differentiation in a Competitive Marketplace

A competitive advantage is difficult to get, of everyone is doing the same things and advertising on the same platforms. The brands that manage to differentiate their companies are the ones that get and stay ahead. When you tell a story, it connects with your audience and may even cause self-sorting. You will attract like-minded individuals who share the same values as your brand. They will form your loyal consumer base and will keep your business profitable in the near future.

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