Lap or Plunge: A Case of Needs Versus Wants

Lap PoolGetting a pool isn’t always as simple as calling a contractor to install one in your yard. There are several things that you may want to consider before you have a pool installed.

Space to Unwind

If instead of exercising, you prefer to use your pool to unwind, a plunge pool may be the best option. In warm and sunny areas like Perth, plunge pools are a great way to beat the heat. Plunge pools at Palm City Pools, for instance, take up less space compared to more regular pools and are, therefore, easier to maintain. In addition, there are a variety of ways that they can be aesthetically built to suit your tastes.

Wide Open (Exercise) Spaces

A lap pool, on the other hand, is typically at least 10 meters by 2.5 meters, providing ample space for fitness swimming. That is a lot of space taken up in your yard — and for only one lane.

The point of building a lap pool is to use it for the purpose of exercising. Swimming is the best low-impact exercise for most individuals of various ages. It is for this reason that having a lap pool can be a valuable asset for those who prefer to exercise in the convenience of their own home.

Another great exercise option is an exercise pool. It is a type of lap pool that has a system for resistance swimming. The amount of resistance depends on the current generated by water jets at one end of the pool. Exercise pools cost as much as a regular pool but a fraction of the size.

A newer form of the exercise equipment for a pool is the tether system. This is when you have a tether attached to you as you swim against the resistance. The advantage of this is that is can be used in any kind of pool can be retrofitted for this kind of system.

A Matter of Purpose

The advantage to lap and exercise pools is that they can serve for both exercise and relaxation. If all you wish to do is relax, however, it’s best to get a plunge pool. Your yard — and your wallet — will thank you for it.

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