Renew Yourself with Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsWhen it comes to dental implants, it’s worth considering the impact then can have. It can be life changing to get back teeth you though were permanently lost.

Your smiles and the functions that your teeth perform are such an integral part of your life that it can be hard to understand what it would be like without them. It’s easy to take for granted the fact that you can smile, eat and speak freely and easily because of your teeth, until some of them are lost. Having limited capabilities in these areas can really affect confidence and mean that you may not attend social or professional occasions that you would normally go to comfortably.

When you visit a dentist like Moor Park Dental in London, they can walk you through the dental implant process to ensure that you can get back the quality of life that you want.

Why do they work so well?

Dental implants can return your functionality to you because they benefit from full integration into the mechanics of the body. This is achieved through a process called osseointegration where the bone of the jaw meshes around an implant to secure it in place. The join is completely natural and therefore the dental implant moves effortlessly alongside the action of the jaw and any remaining teeth. 

How do dental implants lead to new teeth?

Once the dental implants are in place, they are topped with some form of synthetic teeth. This can take the form of a crown, which is used to replace one tooth at once. Another option is a bridge, or dentures, which are both used to replace more than one tooth. The latter fixtures can be held in place by fewer implants than there are teeth mounted on them. Some dentures can be mounted on as few as four dental implants per arch.

Is there anyone who cannot have dental implants?

Getting dental implants requires certain criteria to be met such as jawbone density or good general health. Even if either of these are an issue, there may be something your dentist can recommend. If you need more jawbone height or thickness then you might be able to have a bone graft. If you have certain health conditions, there may be other things that your dentist can suggest. Talk to a professional and get the information you need – dental implants are waiting for you!

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