In The Bag: How to Pack Smart for Your Family Winter Getaway

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Planning for your family winter vacation can get hectic. There’s the challenge of booking a comfortable flight for everyone. If you plan on using the car, you have to prepare for a long and cramp-inducing drive.

Then there’s the puzzle of fitting all your thick winter clothes and accessories into manageable baggage sizes. Here’s how you can get the most out of your luggage.

Pack One of Each Essential Winter Item

When you’re going on a trip with the family, practicality should be at the top of your priorities. Keep everyone focused on the things they need by packing one of each essential winter item.

  • Jacket/Coat – When it comes to outerwear, you don’t want anything too thin like a hoodie, or too thick like a puffer. A simple ski jacket or parka can serve you well for the whole trip. If you have winter sports activities planned, get a ski jacket. Opt for a parka if you’re just visiting the folks for the holidays. If you don’t have a parka or a ski jacket yet, there are plenty of online stores to shop from. For kids having their first winter, brands like Obermeyer offer outerwear for all ages.
  • Scarf – You can never go wrong with a rectangular wool scarf. It provides warmth better than all the other materials. It lasts for ages and it’s water-resistant. Wool blend material spun with either cotton or polyester is also great if pure wool is uncomfortable for you.
  • Boots – You only need one pair of boots for your winter getaway. Brands like Red Wing and L.L. Bean offer functional but stylish boots, so you don’t have to switch between shoes for different activities.
  • Hats – Your head makes up about 50% of your body heat. Keep your noggin warm with a classic beanie. Its soft and foldable fabric makes it easy to pack, unlike fedoras and thick winter caps. Like the scarf, the best beanie is made from wool.
  • Gloves – One pair of gloves is good enough to keep your mitts warm throughout the winter vacation. There are plenty of gloves online that offer warmth, grip, and touchscreen capability.

Pack Situational Items

Car trunk full of suitcasesEven if you have everything planned, your trip won’t always be smooth sailing. To make sure you’ll be ready for any situation, consider packing these items for your winter getaway.

  • Medicine – You or your family could get the common cold or a sore throat during winter. Nasal sprays, inhalers, antihistamines, and oral decongestants help with cold symptoms. Pack some lozenges as well for a sore throat. It’s also wise to bring pain relievers like aspirin or paracetamol to take care of headaches and fevers. Store them in a labeled pillbox to save space.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen – These two items are usually associated with the summer season, but they’re also important during winter. The sun sits lower during winter, increasing everyone’s exposure to its light. Sunlight reflecting from snow is harsh on the eyes. And yes, you can still get a sunburn during winter. Better safe than sorry.​

Packing smart is all about making space for other everyday items such as shirts and underwear. When you make the most out of your baggage, you spend more time on more important activities. Optimizing your bag/case space also means you’ll have enough room for souvenirs from your trip. When it comes to your luggage, less really is more.

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