Attract the Guy: 4 Secrets to Make Him Fall in Love

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Today, girls have more confidence and power over certain things, and making guys fall for them is not an exception. If you want to attract a guy whom you just met in person or in a matchmaker app, you have to take the first step.

Here are some steps on how to make a guy fall in love with you without giving the impression that you are courting him:

1. Start a conversation

You should get to know about the guy’s interests and hobbies. Ask his friends or follow him on his social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use it as a guide in starting a conversation with him. Ask him about his favorite action movies or hobbies because it keeps a good discussion going. You should approach him at a reasonable time, not when he’s busy or tired.

2. Drop a hint

This is the crucial part of making a guy notice you. It’s not good if he will think that you’re the one making the first move. To drop hints, you could try telling jokes that suggest the possibility that you like him. It’s best to leave room for uncertainty or mystery, so that men will be curious.

Guys are smarter than you think. They notice when you give extra care and attention to them. They just don’t show it. Dropping a few hints every now and then should be enough. Crossing the line may be a reason for them to be turned off.

3. Catch his attention

Couple watching a movieGetting attention from people is easy. One way to do this is to be loud and naughty in front of them. But that is not what guys want. What they want is for girls to catch their attention. Guys look at the physical appearance at first, so you should give attention to how you look. With this, guys can notice you in a crowded area like at school.

More often than not, a girl catches a guy’s attention with traits that are invisible to the eye. A confident and friendly personality is always attractive as much as a pretty face. You just need to be pleasant in front of the guys and you will catch their attention.

4. Make him miss you

The best way to make a guy crazy over you is by leaving him wanting for more. Putting up a push and pull act on him is the best way to do this. You should not spend almost all your time with him. Once in a while, give some space for the both of you to do other things. Make sure that you still have enough time for yourself. You can show that you’re interested. Still, leave something for guys to discover about you.

Being a girl does not mean that you can’t take some steps in making a guy fall for you. It is not a bad thing, especially in this modern day and age. Now is the time for you to show that you can also get what you want and have the confidence to pursue it.

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