Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Investigator?

Private investigator at work

While the movies have usually painted a glamorous picture of an investigator, it is a difficult job to master in real life. In fact, a certification is required by government and private agencies before anyone can work for them as an investigator. This is not for everyone because it involves strenuous and risky tasks, among other responsibilities.

If you are considering the investigator’s job for your career, you have to obtain an investigation training certificate. That is on top of a bachelor’s degree, preferably one in criminal justice or law. It can also go a long way if you know of any foreign language or have ample knowledge in information technology.

An investigator, or more specifically, a private investigator or detective, must be more specialized depending on the cases they are working on.

  • Legal investigators—They find and interview witnesses, as well as serve legal documents. They can also arrest people who did not pay their bonds or violate their probation.
  • Corporate investigators—They work for companies by doing internal investigations and making sure employees do not break any laws.
  • Financial investigators—They investigate anomalies related to finance, repossess properties, and even search for foreclosure clients that have gone missing.
  • Insurance investigators—They take a closer look at claims and investigate insurance fraud.

But even before you can take the plunge, assess yourself first if you have the following qualities needed for the job:

A Strong Mental State

An investigator, or even someone planning to be one, must be mentally strong. Not only does it help you pay attention to details while gathering information; it also allows you to focus when trying to come up with possible leads. A keen observer can easily eliminate non-related or confusing details.

Passion to Serve

An investigator, like any public servant, should think of the client first and how he can help with their concerns. With passion comes dedication, which should help you build a good reputation and raise your credibility.

Preparedness for the Possible Risks

The job of an investigator involves potential risks, even to the extent of putting your life in danger. As such, you must be ready for any possible problems. Make sure you have the physical and mental capabilities to tackle whatever gets in your way while you are performing your duties.

Sufficient Training

An investigator will need to undergo all the necessary training to qualify for the job. A good way to start is by enrolling in the best school wherein you can get the certification. Focus on improving your skills further by conditioning your mind and body to prepare for your role. Do not hesitate to ask questions from the experts who will conduct your training.

If you’re sure that you possess these qualities, then go for it. There’s an exciting world waiting for you, detective.

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