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firefighters training

firefighters trainingLike what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Being prepared is key to keeping your organization safe.

Whether you need the services of hazardous materials (hazmat) response teams in Utah, or are just interested in knowing how to deal with emergencies, you need to be aware of basic safety practices. You may consider checking out the courses at the Utah Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security’s Hazardous Materials Institute (HMI). The division is under Utah’s Department of Public Safety.

Here is some additional information about HMI’s course offerings:

Course Information

Before starting a course, the participants have to comply with completing any requirements. The HMI can easily accommodate requests for courses that take less than a week to complete. There must be at least 15 students in these courses. For firefighters in training, the 24-Hour operations course can be part of their certification. Other courses need more preparation. These special courses would need to be planned at a minimum of six months ahead of time.

Terms of Completion

The HMI only issues certificates of course completion and does not certify the competency of a student. You need to attend the classes as best you can as there is a minimum attendance requirement for completion. You must also pass every exam with a rating of at least 70 percent. Or else, you won’t get your course completion certificate, which would definitely be a hassle.

Reaching Distinct Standards

There are two criteria that HMI courses are tailor-made to satisfy and you should be aware of them too. First is complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s disaster response concerning biological occurrences and dangerous chemicals. Second is complying with the National Fire Protection Administration’s standards for hazmat management.

Completing an HMI course can certainly get you enough experience in dealing with the difficult nature of hazmat management and also improving your knowledge in emergency response. You may also contact experienced emergency response services to quickly address situations which you cannot manage on your own.

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