5 Secrets to Avoiding Any Illness When Travelling

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Word of advice: If you have never traveled you should. The truth of the matter is you could be missing one half of your life if you don’t. Think of all the beautiful places you’ll miss if you decide to spend the rest of your life in seclusion. In case you’ve forgotten, our shelf life on the planet is less than 100 years (assuming you’re an ordinary human with no superpowers of some sort). What’s more, traveling is a worthy activity because it helps you grow as a person. It goes without saying then, traveling while you still can is wise.

It’s true. You really can’t beat the excitement that accompanies traveling. If there was a Richter scale for all the adrenaline rush, traveling might overshoot the meter. It’s no accident traveling is an escape route from all the stress.

However, all that excitement may come at a price: health. Chances are you could be overwhelmed with emotion — and not think straight while on a vacation. Think about it. Nothing destroys the joys of a traveler other than getting sick while on the road. Luckily, there are tried-and-tested ways to ensure you stay as healthy as a horse while traveling.

Jet Lag Aid

One thing’s certain. If you’re traveling, there’s no escape route for jet lag. It’s simply a way of your body adjusting. As much as this can’t be avoided, you can reduce the symptoms that come with it.

Bear in mind that for different people the jet lag symptoms vary. The important thing is to recognize the symptoms that you usually experience. Then when you do find a way of managing it.

A good start is putting your faith in melatonin, the hormone that’s associated with our sleeping-waking functions. While melatonin is a naturally produced hormone (in our brains), multiple studies show it can help you deal with jet lag better. Allowing you to have as much-needed zzz’s as you need. In the process, you get your body to do necessary repairs as you sleep, warding off sickness.

Bank on Essential Oils

Yes, you heard that right. The ever-effective essential oil is one must-have when traveling. If you haven’t joined the train of essential oil users you should when you travel. Indeed, the benefits that come with essential oils are simply mind-blowing. So much, that there seems an essential oil for every known malady encountered when traveling. Some of these are:

  • Lavender essential oil: for travel anxiety and jet lag
  • Peppermint essential oil: for an energy boost
  • Citrus essential oil: for room freshener
  • Ginger essential oil: to combat motion sickness

Indeed, there are many essential oil blends to straighten things out when you’re feeling down and out when traveling.

Even better, essential oils help you look good when on the road. They are effective for your skin and hair. For one, ylang ylang essential oil which can enhance sebum production is ideal for people with dry scalps. Moreover, it can boost hair texture and minimize breakage.

Pair these essential oils with a portable turbo dryer for hair and you should be looking as stunning as ever while hopping from destination to destination with ease. With adjustable heat and ions to get hair looking smooth and frizz-free, these powerful hair dryers can make you look adorable in no time.

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Boost Immune Support

A strong immune system when you travel is a must. That’s because when you travel you are exposed to a lot of stress and physical strains. As your body takes a beating, it’s easy for you to fall sick. And lose all the adventure. Good thing there’s a workaround to prevent all this.

Right from the get-go, buy supplements when traveling. For one, Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for boosting the immune system. And a host of antioxidants and phytonutrients should bid you well.

It’s also the reason why eating well is a must too. Ensure your meals contain all the necessary nutrients for an immune boost. In doing so, your body is ready to ward off pathogens that attract your immune system.

Prep Workout Gear

When you travel, working out might not be the easiest thing to do. You may find it pretty hard to find a good gym or a workout class. This though doesn’t mean that you have to discard your workout routine. Simply prepare for it before you travel.

Doing your normal workout routine when you travel might be impossible. But even at that, you can still do simple routines. That’s why simple workout gear like a mat and gloves are important when traveling. When everything’s all set, keeping fit is a breeze.

Observe Stress Management

As exciting as traveling can be, it can also be very stressful. Think about it, there’s a lot that goes into preparation. And then when you get there you would go from place to place. You obviously don’t want to miss out on all the fun. But while catching up on all the exciting adventures, you can overwork your body and strain your mind. The result? Untimely stress.

Don’t let it eat you though. Stress can weaken your judgment and your mind. To deal with it, look for ways to destress during the trip.

A good start is doing yoga. It’s one stress relief that has been proven and effective all this time. Or just do simple deep breathing. You can make use of essential oils for aromatherapy when doing all these.

Certainly, you should take time to manage your stress. For when you take care of your body and mind, you ensure your journey is exciting beyond expectations. From start to finish.

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