3 Reasons Why Your Retainers Don’t Fit Right

Clear retainersDentists work with an orthodontics laboratory to produce dental appliances, such as aligners, retainers, and other snoring or sleeping aids. There are times when people find that their dental appliances, especially their retainers, don’t fit right anymore.

Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab and other dental professionals list some reasons why you’re experiencing this:

  1. You’re not wearing them like your dentist told you to.

Retainers are crucial if you want to retain your recently straightened teeth and correct bite. Normally, your dentist will tell you that you should wear your retainers all the time between two to four weeks following the removal of your braces. This means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And yes, even when you sleep. If you’re not following your dentist’s instruction, your teeth will definitely move and you will feel that your retainers don’t fit properly anymore. This isn’t because there’s something wrong with it, but because your teeth’s structure has changed.

  1. You’ve done something that distorted your retainer.

Retainers come in various types. One of the most popular is the clear type, which sort of resemble Invisalign aligners. This one is made of plastic, which means they can be easily distorted by a lot of things, including hot beverages. Some people like to clean and even soak their plastic retainers to get rid of germs. This only affects the plastic, however, warping it to the point that it can affect the fit. Traditional wire retainers can also be damaged by putting it the wrong way.

  1. You’ve had it for too long.

Like any dental appliance, retainers are also prone to wear and tear. You need to replace them if your dentist tells you so. If you’ve had the same trainers for so long, chances you’ll experience the wear and tear in the form of ill-fitting retainers.

There are simple ways of taking care of your dental appliances, especially your retainers. By taking good care of these items, you also protect your dental investments and ensure that your teeth are straight and your bite is correct.

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