Curious about TV Ads? Here Are Three Memorable Ones

classical as seen on tv adAlthough more people now turn to YouTube and social media to watch just about anything, some TV ads still make it to the list of memorable ones. Three of them are right here:

The Banned TV Ad That Got Political

TV ads, especially those in Australia, can be banned for a lot of reasons including the content being offensive. An Australian ad featuring a Donald Trump lookalike was one of those who didn’t make the cut because it got too political. Thanks to the internet, you may never see it on TV, but there’s always YouTube, which is almost always reliable. If you like an ad people will never forget for your business, work closely with a public relations company in Melbourne who knows what to do.

Most Expensive Ad – Ever

It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s any ad in a Super Bowl game. According to American Marketing Association, the 2017 battle between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots had an asking price of around $5.2 million for a 30-second ad. Nevertheless, America’s greatest sport is also one of the most watched in the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising if it commands a hefty price tag.

The Ad You’ll Probably Not See in Your Lifetime

Marketers make ads so you can watch them, in the hopes they encourage you to buy and tell your friends to do the same. A cognac, however, takes a completely different route: you will never get to see it at all. The movie-feel ad called 100 Years revolves around the Louis XIII, which won’t be in the market until 2115, so it makes perfect sense if the company doesn’t launch the ad until then.

Whether these ads are controversial or not, one thing is for sure: publicity is publicity. As long as it generates interest, delivers the intended message and is memorable, it is good.

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