3 Modelling Career Lessons You Can Only Learn From Tyra Banks

fashion model

fashion modelJob seekers are in a tough world: they need the perfect resume, the perfect interviewing attire, and the perfect-pitch savvy of selling their talent.

Models are in a tough, high-fashion world, too; it’s not enough to be thin and gorgeous. It takes much, much more—and there’s no one better than the Tyra Banks to give excellent modelling career tips to those who dream of gracing the covers of top fashion magazines, or those who want to strut the runways of high fashion.

Here are some lessons you’ll learn from Tyra Banks:

Always be Prepared

Tyra Banks got a modelling job because she showed her passport photo to a photographer seated next to her on a plane. For most aspiring models, however, getting that kind of gig is not as easy as flashing a photo ID.

That said, you need to prepare yourself. After all, you never know whom you will bump into at the mall or at a restaurant. With a little bit of creativity, confidence, and of course, your best look, you can land a modelling job.

Control Your Destiny

Tyra Banks said one of the most inspiring words to an eliminated contestant on her successful reality modelling show. The contestant resigned herself to failure after a challenge, and while Tyra’s words were harsh, it was full of great advice: “If you were sick of being disappointed, you would stand up and you would take control of your destiny…Nobody’s going to take responsibility for you…You have no idea what I’ve been through, but I’m not a victim. I grow from it and I learn.”

So you failed? No problem. Try again with another, better model management agency.

Work Your Flaws; Embrace Your “Flawsomeness”

Tyra Banks praised the editors of Vogue for their decision to stop recruiting models who show signs of disordered eating. Everyone has flaws; even if people tease you for your big thighs, big forehead, and chubby cheeks, be proud, and embrace them. You simply need to rock it with pride and make them work for you.

Borrow some of these lessons from Tyra Banks, and you’re sure to gain an edge in the tough modelling world. Like Tyra, look past the small things and put your best face forward.

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