Types of Scaffolding and Their Different Uses

Supported ScaffoldingA construction project is naturally full of safety hazards, so you must be careful and make sure to follow all the safety procedures necessary. Whether it is a big commercial construction site or a simple residential property, you can never go wrong with being extremely cautious about everything.

This way, you can have peace of mind that your workers are always safe, explains taurangahire.co.nz.

All About Scaffolding

Scaffolding is usually made of metal poles or wooden planks so workers can build, clean, and repair the building. If your construction project requires labourers to work on high structures, you may need a scaffolding hire in Tauranga to keep them safe and make the job easier. Here are various types of scaffolding that are useful for different purposes.


Supported scaffolding, the most popular type, is easy to install, convenient to use, and safe. You can set up a supported scaffolding many different ways to match your elevation requirements. It consists of platforms with brackets, outrigged beams, posts, legs, poles, frames, and uprights for support to make it safer and more stable.


Mobile scaffolding is the most appropriate choice for smaller construction projects like single-family homes. These are freestanding with wheels that act as support so workers can be at ease when using it.


Suspended scaffolding is called as such because it normally suspends from another high area such as the roof or ceiling. This is most applicable for circumstances wherein you can’t install a scaffolding from the ground or base like cleaning the windows of buildings or repairing home exteriors.


Rolling scaffolding is perfect for construction projects that take longer to finish. Unlike other scaffolding with a fixed and stable base, rolling scaffolding has wheels so it could be taken from one place to another depending on the job required. It’s still safe, though, because the wheels can be locked in place.

Choose the right scaffolding type for you based on the construction project you’re working on. Make sure only a certified scaffolder installs it so you can be confident that it won’t cause any accident.

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