The Power of the Future Vehicle Fuels

Future Vehicle Fuels

Future Vehicle FuelsIn today’s busy world, the environment is becoming a bigger concern. Cars now have tighter emission regulations to ensure that the exhaust gases produced by engines are at a recommended level, which could only cause minimal or no harm to the environment.

Furthermore, the existence of the internal combustion engine is under threat, as it runs on petroleum products derived from fossil fuels. It is a non-renewable resource many people have depleted over time.

Looking for the Right Alternative

As a result, automotive manufacturers have been exploring alternative sources of propulsion. An obvious alternative is electricity, but some have looked further to more daring and unusual fuels such as hydrogen.

These alternatives, however, are not without the drawbacks. Batteries take a lifetime to fill up compared to the minutes at the pump for a conventional petrol-powered car. There aren’t any hydrogen fuel stations for your hydrogen-powered car. So what is a realistic, feasible solution for this very day? This is where hybrids and diesels come in.

Coming Up with Effective Solutions

Hybrids are cars that use petrol engines in combination with batteries and an electric motor to propel the car. Since the two power plants share the duty of hauling metal, the car overall consumes half the fuel and emits half the carbon dioxide.

For bigger vehicles with heavier duties, they go for diesels. Diesels may get a bad reputation when it comes to emissions, but with the technology of Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR, diesels are clean, too. SCR systems inject a urea solution called Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which reacts with the exhaust to turn the harmful exhaust gases into harmless nitrogen and water. There are high quality diesel exhaust fluids for sale, but you have to arm yourself with the right information to make a wise decision.

The only thing is that truck drivers need to top up on DEF every regularly and absorb that additional cost, but they can find diesel exhaust fluid for sale at most truck stops at reasonable prices.

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