Striking While the Furnace Is Hot: Maintenance Tips


furnaceNo matter what type of furnace you have at home, these are easy to maintain and trouble-free to operate. That said, regular maintenance is a must for the furnaces, as this is a direct function of its performance.

Ideally, you must not wait for the furnace to breakdown to call for the furnace service personnel. Having the system serviced at least annually is an advisable course, not only to keep it in mint condition but also to save money.

Here are a few tips from you can use to maintain the furnace in your home.

Some Preliminary Steps

Before you start troubleshooting, take the following measures:

• Ensure that the unit is disconnected from the power outlet (for furnaces that require electricity, such as electric arc furnaces);
• Set the thermostat as required;
• Turn off the gas if the furnace uses a gas system.

Clean the Furnace

Once you have taken care of safety measures, get a soft piece of cloth out and wipe away dust from the furnace. Dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of the heating system, for they contribute to fuel wastage and lower the system’s efficiency. Along with basic cleaning, lubricate the unit and make necessary belt adjustments to optimize performance.

When Are You Gonna Call?

Most manufacturers recommend having furnace service personnel look at your unit once or twice a year. Upon checking in, they would perform routine adjustments, cleaning, and tweaking.

Still, some instances warrant calling for their help. Some of these include:

• The fuse blows or the circuit trips when the furnace is on;
• A smell of gas is evident even when the unit is switched off;
• The furnace does not work despite all troubleshooting and all parts are in operating condition.

When getting the furnace annually service, preferably call the personnel at the end of season. Follow these simple maintenance tips and enjoy the warmth your furnace gives you on wintry days.

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