It’s All in the Mind: Tutoring vs. Brain Training

brain training

brain trainingWhile both tutoring and brain training can help solve learning struggles, they are two completely different things. Brain training uses games, activities, and exams to improve a student’s memory and attention. Tutoring, on the hand, provides instruction in a particular discipline and offers supplemental academic support.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences of brain training and tutoring.

Brain Training

This concept uses learning strategies to improve the fundamental skills needed to overcome most learning disabilities. Brain training involves boosting and strengthening the brain muscles, which are responsible for enhancing neural pathways and processing information.

While brain training is not a form of teaching, it can be combined with teaching to increase a person’s learning curve. It can be an essential part of an academic curriculum so that the ability to understand and retain information is strengthened.

The benefits of brain training are greatly recognised by learning centres like Heguru Education Centre. Learning centres aim to promote intellectual development and capacity to learn with right brain training methods.


Tutoring is a form of teaching that reteaches information that wasn’t grasped the first time. This may be due to an interference with the delivery of information to a child. Tutoring is like asking someone to redeliver the information another time.

Tutoring increases a child’s ability to manage personal learning and study strategies. It aims to provide a more structured learning experience and motivate self-directed and self-paced learning. The purpose of this concept is to help student help themselves, and assist them to become independent learners.

This strategy is only effective for kids who require extra academic support. This is because it only focuses on re-teaching a lesson. Tutoring often acts as a short-term solution, which may not address certain learning challenges.

While brain training offer many advantages, this doesn’t mean that tutoring is insignificant. Tutoring has many benefits, and children have much to gain from it.

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