Stretching the Truth: 3 Biggest Stretching Myths Debunked

Stretching MythsDo you stretch before or after you work out? Do you stretch just because you don’t want to have sore muscles after an exercise? Did someone tell you that you no longer need stretching if you’re already flexible? With all the confusing bits of advice about stretching, how do you know you’re doing it right?

Here is the truth about three of the most common stretching myths:

Myth #1: Always Stretch Before Working Out

Truth: Though this myth is not entirely wrong, you have to understand that there are proper pre-workout stretches. Dynamic stretching, which involves stretching your muscles while your body is in motion, is the ideal type to perform before working out. Arm circles, straight-leg swings, and other dynamic stretches are perfect movements to prepare your muscles for a strenuous workout. On the other hand, static stretching lowers your muscles’ elasticity, making it harder for your body to handle the succeeding exercises.

Myth #2: Static Stretching is Bad

Truth: Just because static stretching is not ideal as a pre-workout activity, it doesn’t mean that this type of stretching comes with no benefits at all. Actually, performing static stretches is a perfect way to finish your exercise as it helps your muscles to cool down. even notes that five to 10 minutes of static stretches at the end of your workout is crucial, especially if you’re training hard.

Myth #3: No Need to Stretch If You’re Already Flexible

Truth: You may be flexible now that you’re young, but this ability will definitely diminish over time. Apart from its primary benefits, stretching your muscles before or after a workout can help you keep your flexibility, as well.

With these three stretching myths debunked, you can now stretch the right way. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy the massive benefits of stretching for your body even better.

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