Staying Warm During Winter: What You Need to Do

Female making herself warm during winter

Winter can be a wonderful and magical season for those who have not seen it personally yet. The snow blanketing everything can seem like something out of a fairy tale. The problem is that people might find the cold that winter brings a bit uncomfortable.   Winter is not as enjoyable if you feel like you are freezing. Here are some tips on how you can feel better during the cold season:

Dress Heavily

If you are spending time in the outdoors, one of the best ways to keep warm is to dress in layers. Not just one or two layers. You need the heaviest fabrics with multiple layers. For example, a trendy down jacket from Descente and other brands is great, but might not be enough. Put on multiple shirts, a scarf, and maybe a hat. You will need some pants and leggings for the lower half of your body. You should also take care of your extremities. Multiple socks on your feet and multiple gloves on hands can be a big help.

Get Something Hot

Your body temperature is easy to influence. This is why you see many people swearing by hot water bottles. They should be easy to get and are a big help for those who want to stay warm inside the house and not spend money on additional heating. Another great option would be hot drinks and food. A cup of hot coffee or soup is a great warm treat for you. What you should avoid is alcohol. Though it may seem like you are heating up, it is just temporary and draws heat from other parts of your body to the skin.

Start Being Active

Your body itself generates quite a bit of heat. The best way to fight the cold is to stay active. Try to do some work around the house or even exercise. The heat that your body generates will last some time. If you don’t want to work so hard, then at least move around once an hour. In addition, try to avoid leaving your feet on the ground since it is coldest there.

Ensure Your Furnace Works

Houses in cold temperature regions have furnaces and heaters to help fight the cold. Ensure that it is working properly before the winter arrives. You should also clean out the ducts so that they can deliver the warm air all over the house properly. The best temperatures are from 18 to 21°C for the main area of the home, where you spend the most time. Other areas can live with around 16°C. Ensure that your thermostat is accurate, so you can get the right heat levels. Remember to turn it off when not in use to conserve energy.

Use Multiple Blankets

Man feeling cold

If your sleep gets too chilly, then you will need several layers of blankets. Combined with a hot water bottle, you will be able to ensure your warmth through the night. If you have a significant other, then cuddling would be a good idea.

It can be difficult to adapt to colder temperatures if you are more comfortable with warmth all year long. But it is possible with some help. The tips above should help acclimate you to colder weather. Pretty soon, the cold won’t be bothering you at all.

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