Spicing Up the Holiday Season After Lockdown

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Yes, the one who’s reading this. You. You have survived. Despite all your struggles over the last two years, you are still here. And you are going to have a fresh start this coming 2022.

This year has been tough on almost everyone. The pandemic has put the world through physical and mental dangers that no one was prepared for. The financial impacts of this global health crisis deterred a lot of people’s way of living. The world was brought to a halt. And everyone felt its impact in 2021.

But the world has started to recover. With more than half of the global population getting vaccinated, it’s now possible to celebrate the holidays with bigger smiles. People can now enjoy a breather from all the stress the past couple of years has brought.

With all that in the rear-view mirror, it’s now time to celebrate your strength in facing everything 2020, and 2021 threw at you and the new beginning that’s waiting for you in 2002.

Here are four unforgettable holiday trip suggestions to celebrate YOU.

Winter Sun Beaches

With everything you’ve faced this year, wanting to skip a cold holiday is perfectly understandable. And contrary to popular belief, it can also be affordable.

You won’t have to wait long to enjoy the heat of the summer. Put the “bay” in “vacation” and enjoy the beaches overseas. Countries like Tanzania and Indonesia offer the best experiences at the lowest price. A lavish room overlooking the Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, can be rented for less than $150. And with $60, you can already afford a 300 square meter private villa in Bali, Indonesia.

You can get tanned as you bum around or conquer your fears and ride the waves. Either way, you’d be having a memorable vacation without having to empty your savings.

Yuletide Luxury

But if money is not a problem, then having a luxurious holiday is just the right thing to do. Remember, you’ve worked hard for this. You deserve it.

To have the grandest holiday trip, comfort should be prioritized. Going to the most beautiful places can be fun. But nothing beats personalized service that would make you feel like royalty.

Focus on the amenities that hotels offer. While your typical massage and spa day can be considered lavish, there are more things a luxurious hotel can offer. The holiday season can be a busy time for the entire staff. That’s why having your own hotel-appointed butler can help you avoid a world of hassle while the other guests call the room service for the nth time.

But wait, there’s myrrh. (Get it? Get it?)

Don’t forget about your transportation. It doesn’t end with flying first class. To truly maximize your experience, avoid the hassles of commuting and hire an airport limousine service. After all, this is the perfect time to treat your’ elf. (Get it? Get it?)


business class

DIY Haven

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the rejuvenating trip that you clearly deserve. Even a simple DIY itinerary could be heaven if it’s focused on the things that you love.

Airbnb Experiences recently expanded their love for accommodation. They now have places that offer lodging with cute animal interactions on the side. Imagine a dog café but with over 300 species of your furry friends. Pet lovers out there can enjoy hiking with rescue dogs in California or chill with talkative parrots in New York. You can also cuddle alpacas, have tea parties with sheep, learn about beekeeping, and many more.

If downtime reading is usually the best part of your vacation, why not make your vacation all about reading instead? Pub crawls were so last decade. Now, literary pub tours have taken the reins. Enjoy the serenity of beautiful libraries and attend the book signing of your favorite authors. You can even take it up a notch and visit the houses of your literary heroes like Hemingway and Poe.

But if you’re more into the art of music, then spending your holidays on the road, traveling like a roadie on tour can do the trick. You can jazz up your life and go to New Orleans. You can see the place where dreams are built and visit Nashville. And don’t forget about Denver’s underground music scene.

The True Meaning of Christmas

Another way to make your holiday momentous is by giving back. Embrace the spirit of the holidays by volunteering and helping others.

You had both the luck and the means to survive such a harsh time. But some didn’t. Some are just barely getting by. The hard life that others used to have was made even harder due to the pandemic. And if there is even a one percent chance of lessening another person’s burden, Christmas is the best time to start considering how you can help.

Just like Santa’s little elves, you can join non-profit organizations and dedicate the holidays to service. You can make use of your administrative, medical, and educational skills for a more meaningful Claus (Get it? Get it?). You can help build homes and bring food to people who have been deprived of their basic needs. You can enjoy the majestic scenery of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or even the Caribbean while also making a direct difference in people’s lives.

The bottom line

It’s now time to leave your troubles miles away. Because after everything you’ve gone through, you deserve to have a merry little Christmas now.

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