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water filter

water filterAn under-sink water filter provides clean, potable water routed through a different tap placed in the sink. In some households, the filter connects to the main faucet’s water line directly. However, in both cases, cold water passes through a number of filters before it reaches the other separate tap.

With a wide variety of filters in the market, selecting the right one is often daunting. However, you may always find one that suits your needs provided you bear the following tips in mind:

Search Online

The Internet is the best place to search, as there are numerous sites specialising in such items. All you need to do is to key in the words that describe the filter. There are so many combinations of models and prices that it could leave you somewhat flustered trying to zero in on a particular one. Shortlist those models that suit your requirements, compare their prices, and then take a final call.

The Internet also gives you the option of ordering online and some companies even offer free installation.

Word of Mouth

It also pays to consult family members, friends and associates who have used the product.Take their opinion on the effectiveness of the units. Normally, first-hand experience also helps guide your decisions.

Read Reviews

While searching online, also check customer comments. Clean and Clear Water points out that most online sellers have comment boxes or Facebook sharing options, and you can read their reviews for a specific unit. An authentic or truthful website usually gives out addresses and telephone numbers of satisfied customers. You can contact them for genuine advice.

Warranties and Special Offers

Certain manufacturers also offer long-term warranties and guarantees. Moreover, there are often special offers for replacing filters, such as discounts and freebies.

Water filters are useful in that you do not need to buy bottled water all the time, thereby lessening your expenses in the long run. For this to be effective though, you need the right kind of filter, and thus you need some smart shopping techniques.

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