A New Direction in Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain ManagementPain medication remains one of the core areas of research and studies of most pharmaceutical companies. They spend a large amount of money on pain management R&D trying to develop new analgesics and unique medications to reduce pain.

Anesthesia and other narcotics reduce postoperative pain in patients who have had surgeries. This is not suitable for long term use, though, especially by patients with chronic pain issues. Pharmas now see the need to formulate new medication to kill pain, even from chronic sufferers.

A Caveat on Popular Painkillers

Most long-term administration of painkillers comes with side effects such as vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, nausea, constipation and ulceration. It can also lead to renal toxicity, cardiovascular issues and hepatotoxicity. They do not also mix well with other meds; for example if taken with anti-inflammatory drugs, they cause joint deterioration.

A new, long-term alternative is thus necessary.

The Big Pharmas

Some pharmaceutical firms collaborate with their competitors, particularly if the latter have succeeded in their endeavor. Large firms acquire smaller, more successful ones to get hold of their formula. Various research now happens around the world to formulate nerve blockers and analgesics that work better in patients with varied medical conditions and profile.

Recently, any given pain management company anti-nerve growth medication that could treat chronic pain. Scientists believe that the nerve growth factor works by blocking the growth of a protein that causes enhanced sensitivity to pain.

Patient Compliance

The biggest problem in this area is the compliance of the patients. The patient has to follow the care provider’s advice while taking the medication. New tests conducted on the patient’s urine now check the metabolites of the prescribed medicines, even its effectivity.

So all people involved – the health care professionals, the researchers, company executives and the administrators – realize the need to develop new medication with less threatening side effects, if any, and one that would suit all patient profiles. As our science develops, improved techniques and better testing procedures, it is only a matter of time before they create a reliable chronic pain reliever.

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