Extending Your Welcome: The Right Forms to Fill Out

visa renewal

visa renewalThere are several types of visas that non-nationals can use to enter the United States. This could be for studies, professional work, diplomatic work or business purposes. The categories range from H1B to E-2 treaty visas.

Once entered, it may be a good idea to extend your stay. Here is a discussion on how to do so legally.

Follow the immigration laws

The country has strict immigration laws that foreigners must heed if they want to stay legally in the United States. Many agencies that specialize in immigration laws can help you figure out what forms you need to fill for your specific requirements.

For example, if you want to extend your period of stay in the US, then you need to fill out a specific form. This is Form I-539.

Form I-539

Rahbaran & Associates suggest filing this form with US Immigration services well before your previous authorization expires. This is because if you remain there longer than authorized without seeking approval, the immigration office will bar you from entering the country in the future. Worse, they would even deport you from the country.

You can access and complete this form online.

Check if You are Eligible for Extension

Before you fill the form, ensure that you are eligible to extend your period of stay. The immigration laws specify clearly how long aliens on specific type of authorization can continue to stay in the US. The law is also clear on the maximum period of extension possible.

First, check if your authorization category falls under the allowable extension category. Make sure that you have not violated any terms of your authorization, commit any crime, work illegally or stayed after the expiry of the authorization.

Filling Out Form I-539

Some parts of the form are easy to fill, while some can be tricky. Fill the form accurately and avoid any kind of inconsistency. Attach the supporting documents with this form, such as Form I-94, a letter explaining the reason you require the extension, and the processing fee. Make copies of all the items, and then mail the application together with the check to USCIS.

US immigration laws are labyrinthine and complex. In cases where you need clarification on the forms you need to fill out, or the documents you need to submit, consult an immigration attorney.

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