Shower Power: Things to Know before Buying a Showerhead


ShowerheadIf you’re planning to renovate or build an additional bathroom at home, then you don’t have to stick with traditional showerheads. Many suppliers offer these fixtures in unique designs to make shower time more pleasurable. Here’s a short guideline to help you get started:

What to Remember Before Buying

According to Bathroom International, showerheads differ in terms of design, installation, and flow rate. Apart from the size and height of the shower area, you should think of the following factors as well:

1. How much water pressure do you need?
2. How high should the showerhead be? Do you want an adjustable type?
3. How much area should the shower (water stream) cover?
4. Do you want showerheads with special effects, such as LED lighting, speakers, rain-effect, and waterfall-effect?

Different Types of Showerheads

1. Fixed – This is the most common type of showerhead. It has a flexible hose attached to a nozzle, which you need to mount on a wall. The water flows after turning a knob or operating a dial.

2. Handheld – The height of the showerhead and the person taking a bath doesn’t matter with this type. You’ll be holding it the whole time, allowing you to control where the water will flow.

3. Dual – This is the combination of a fixed and handheld shower. You can open both or choose only one when taking a shower.

The Importance of Water Efficiency

About half of all water usage in Australian households is in the bathroom. According to Clean Up Australia, a standard showerhead uses up to 25 litres of water per minute. By choosing a water-efficient showerhead, you use only seven litres per minute and save a significant amount in water bills.

Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of taking a shower after a long day. What more if you match it with the best showerhead? Before buying, though, make sure to keep different factors in mind to find the right one.

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