Protecting Porsche: Keeping Your Car Safe on NYC Roads

ew York City Manhattan midtown aerial panorama view

It’s not surprising to see expensive cars on the roads of NYC. As one of the 10 most expensive cities in America, New York has residents with cars befitting their status. Does this mean you should be careless about your Porsche, though?

If you want your car to be in good working condition for all your trips around and out of the city, mind the following:


Maintenance should not be a problem in NYC, where Porsche dealerships and repair shops are within reach. These places often stock up on parts you need to keep the vehicle functioning well. They might even offer after-market parts in case you want to boost the performance of your car. For many collectors, car enhancements are not necessary, but if you’re restoring a vintage vehicle, you’ll find these accessories handy.


New York is known for the dense population, especially during working hours. There are people everywhere and if you’re not careful, you will end up in an accident. Keep your eyes on the road and obey New York’s traffic rules. Street signs are there to guide you on turning and parking, so don’t ignore them. Keep your car insurance policy updated, as well.


Traffic is especially bad in New York, which is why many residents¬†resort to cabs and Uber if they don’t have their own luxury car to take on the roads. As your Porsche navigates the busy streets of the city, decide on whether you should keep the engine idle or turn it off while waiting for some movement. Constant idling may damage the engine and use up fuel. It may even have negative effects on your health. Your car may be back to normal after some repairs, but the same can’t be expected of your health.

Driving around NYC is better done at your own pace, but make sure your journey is not ruining your car and damaging your pockets.

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