Preparing for Home Renovation: Three Important Tips

Home Renovation in AucklandHome renovation is an exciting time. At long last, you will be able to do what you have always wanted to do with your house, and before long the style will be exactly up to your new standards.

With all the excitement, however, you might forget that there are some renovation matters that you have to prepare for; otherwise, the entire duration of the project may result in frayed nerves and strained relationships with the renovation crew and with your family. Here are some of the things you should expect.

It’s going to be noisy

Noise is a reality of any construction site, and your home is no different. Unless you’re ready for all the racket coming from nail guns, saws or sandblasting equipment, you will have a difficult time adjusting. To make this less of a problem, designate new napping and relaxation or work and study areas that are as far as possible from the construction area. Wearing earmuffs might also be a good idea. If you have an infant or a loved one who is ill, this is not the right time for renovation unless they can stay in another place, such as a loved one’s house.

It’s going to be dirty

Instead of just taping plastic sheets around the construction site, buy dust barriers. They may cost a bit but they will stop more dust than regular plastic. You can also ask your contractor to build a temporary wall to separate the rest of the house from the construction. To prevent your HVAC system from sucking dust and distributing it to the rest of your house, use furnace filters. Talk to your HVAC rep or technician about it.

It’s not always what you expected

Some surprises might be waiting for you the moment the project begins. These surprises might end up delaying the project or costing more. These may include the discovery of asbestos, water damage, mould or termites. Sometimes, a window won’t fit. Not all of these surprises might be covered by our insurance; even if they are, the insurance company might take its sweet time paying for it. So it’s best to have a contingency fund of up to 20 percent over the contract cost.

Renovation should be a happy time; after all, it’s supposed to make your home look and feel new. Lack of preparation may dampen the excitement, though, so do the research and make sure you’re ready.

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