NFA Gun Trusts: An Alternative to Applying for Gun Ownership

Gun Ownership

Gun OwnershipDo you want to legally own a gun, but you’re wary of the whole process? There’s good news for you: gun trusts can aid you in legally owning a gun minus the headache. Here’s what you need to know about gun trusts:

  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) strictly require that your country’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) for gun ownership approves your application — NFA gun trusts won’t require this.
  • You won’t need to submit photos of yourself when applying for an NFA class 3 weapon gun trust. You don’t need fingerprint cards either.
  • Some dealers of class 3 weapons perform a background check. Using an NFA gun trust won’t require this.
  • You will only file the NFA gun trust with the BATF. Your name and trust will only show in BATF’s tax rolls. You can’t use this tax-related filing for the majority of public record or subpoena requests.
  • Similar to other trusts, unless you — the trustee — sell the gun indicated in your trust, it will belong to your trust until the trust expires in around 70 years. You also have the option of naming multiple trustees who can possess items in your gun trust.
  • Because your class 3 weapon gun trust won’t be filed anywhere except the BAFT, you won’t have to pay for filing fees just to have someone copy and file your trust.
  • Use a gun trust to protect your family members in the event the government finds them in possession of an NFA weapon not personally registered in their name.
  • An NFA class 3 weapon gun trust can streamline the registration process and let you get class 3 weapons prior to new laws taking effect. Gun trust template provider 2A Trusts says a good gun trust draft can help you get approval for ownership.

It may take several attempts for your gun ownership application to get approval, but owning a gun illegally simply won’t do. Fortunately, a gun trust can cover your problems — and help you get that ownership application approved.

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