Minimise Wedding Planning Stress WIth These Useful Tips

Wedding PlanningPlanning your wedding is not an easy task, but it sure is rewarding. After all, it is your most special day as a couple. To minimise your worries, you might want to keep the following tips in mind.


Start thinking about possible themes early on, like about a few days after your loved one has popped the question. This way, there would be more time for you to do some research, as well as any modification and polishing. It will also help you avoid making last minute decisions, which usually result in even more problems. Think about creating a reasonable timeline based on the date you are eyeing.


Good organisational skills will come in handy at this stage as they will help make budget planning less nerve-racking than it has to be. As with any special event, budgetis a very important consideration. Think about all expected expenses while leaving some room for unforeseen necessities. To help you organise your records, you might want to keep a binder with folders that are labelled accordingly. You should remember to keep all receipts as well. Whatever you do, it is important that you stick to your budget and prioritise the elements that really matter (venue, catering, wedding dress, etc).

Guest List

Remember to discuss this with your significant other. You will need to know how many people to invite since it will affect your choice of venue, as well as the number of invitations to print. At this point, you should also decide on your bridal party since they will be included in the total number of guests.


If the ceremony and reception are in separate locations, be sure to arrange for your transportation. You can find companies in Sunshine Coast that offers wedding cars for rent but be sure to book early to avoid any problems.

One final note: No matter how tempting it is to take control, don’t try to plan your wedding by yourself. Discuss every aspect with your partner, to make the entire process as less stressful as possible.

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