Landscaping for Security: The Path to your Home’s Safety


An effective security system doesn’t have to include the loudest alarm to scare away burglars. It doesn’t even have to be about having the biggest guard dogs to make robbers run away. Properly pruned bushes, the right landscape lighting, or even a nicely planted tree can work to your benefit.


Here’s how to do it.

Be the burglar

Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes. Observe your home and look for potential spots that might give entry to the bad guys. Overgrown shrubs can be an effective hiding spot so you should start pruning them to make your home visible to your neighbours. By making your home noticeable from the streets, you can make it less appealing to burglars.

Support your landscaping

Landscaping for home security can make your home less appealing to criminals, but securing your home shouldn’t stop there. Supplement your landscaping with other security solutions such as motion-detector lights and security cameras.

Make them hurt

Thorny bushes, such as Hawthorne or bougainvillea, are a great way to deter burglars. These are useful when you plant them around entry points, such as windows and doors.

What you plant in your yard affects the safety of your household. No home is entirely burglar-proof, but the right landscaping can help protect you and your family from a potential break-in.

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