Gaining perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign Dublin


Research has shown that one of the most common oral health issues affecting adults living in Ireland and the wider continent of Europe is living with misaligned, protruding, or crooked teeth, which can cause someone to live with a level of discomfort associated with the teeth that some individuals will find unacceptable to live with. Yet, within the modern dental markets, there are treatments available that can help someone to achieve perfectly aligned teeth and improve their overall experience of their teeth, as well as their oral health and hygiene.

Often someone living with misaligned teeth may have been offered tooth alignment treatment earlier in their life, this would normally happen in a person’s teen years, but they may have decided not to interact with the treatment due to being at a stage in life when they feel sensitive and vulnerable. This can then lead to some who may have benefited from treatment developing a poor standard of oral hygiene as the teeth prove difficult to keep clean via brushing, tooth alignment treatment could help to resolve

With the use of a modern tooth alignment treatment such as Invisalign Dublin, adult patients can now receive the treatment they feel may benefit them, helping them to achieve the straight teeth and oral hygiene standards that they desire.

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A modern treatment

When looking to create a modern tooth alignment treatment, developers paid close attention to the requests and desires of the patients who they were creating a new treatment format for. What they found was the reason potential patients who could have benefitted from alignment treatment but the choice not to engage with treatment was that they felt the treatment was not discrete, as many people think of metal and wire braces when thinking of tooth alignment treatment. They felt that this kind of treatment in their teen years may have led to them becoming a target for bullying and ridicule, however, as adults, they still would prefer a treatment that is discrete and difficult for others to see.

This led to the development of Invisalign, an aligner that is created from two layers of clear, moulded plastic to create an orthodontic device that is practically invisible when worn in place within the mouth. This allows a patient to receive the treatment they are looking to undergo without others around them being able to detect the tooth alignment device.

The beginning of treatment

Anyone looking to undergo tooth alignment treatment must first attend a consultation appointment to have their needs assessed via a full examination of their teeth, gums, and other aspects of their mouths. At this consultation x-rays and scans will be taken of the teeth and jaw, these will help any dentist or orthodontist when the alignment devices are being created to match the individual patient’s needs.

Invisalign Dublin is a treatment that uses a series of aligners to slowly move a patient’s teeth into the correct alignment within the mouth, each aligner is to be worn for around two weeks then the patient can simply swap it for the next in the series. Treatment will normally last between twelve and eighteen-month, depending on the individual case.

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