A Globetrekker’s Guide: When in Brisbane

dining joints

dining jointsBrisbane, located in Queensland in the Great East of Australia, is a coastal city with quite a number of features and spectacles both loud and discreet. First time in the city? Here are a few things you should include in your traveller’s notebook — everything from the attractions and chowdown joints to the social getaways. It does not matter how many times you have been here; these are things that will always be a pleasant stopover during your travels.

Arts and Culture

Brisbane, being part of Queensland, maintains several great centres of art and culture. For anyone looking to get to know the history and culture of the city better, the local museums and the art galleries is the destination. Places such as the Museum of Brisbane, Commissariat Store and the MacArthur Museum provide an educational experience to any traveller. The Commissariat Store especially, as it pays respect to the city’s humble origin as a penal colony back in the day.

Grub to Grab

Travelling all over the city can be exhausting, and what better way to replenish that strength than to eat the local chow? Brisbane is home to many popular dining joints. There are many famed restaurants in Mt. Gravatt, such as hatchandco.com.au. There is also a rising food truck culture if you want to have a taste of the street. It matters little whether you are in Mt. Gravatt, Kangaroo Point, Robertson or any other suburb in the city; there is sure to be a plateful waiting for you. If you are not sure what to try first, just ask the locals.

Social Getaways

When you are done visiting the local museums and clearing your plate, you might also want to visit a few of the other great attractions in the city. If you are into the outdoor experience and fancy yourself a naturalist, the Southbank Parklands and Brisbane Botanic Gardens might catch your fancy. There is also a Koala Sanctuary. The city nightlife can also cater to the more nocturnal tourist, as there are many clubs, and jazz clubs and bars around.

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