Home Staging 101: Treating Windows Right

Old lady window cleaningYour windows are a window of opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential buyers and sell your home quickly.In staging your home, it is important to keep a special eye on window treatments. The right windows and treatments will help ensure privacy, screen a view and make any space warmer and more inviting. It could make a dramatic impact on the architecture of the house itself, softening hard edges in the kitchen or bathroom.

Like styling your outfit of the day, spend some time considering how you will dress your windows to get the nod of approval of buyers and seal the deal right away.

Which to Ditch

With so many window treatment options available, it is hard to pick the right one and so easy to get the wrong one. When choosing window treatments for home staging, you may want to avoid heavy fabrics such as drapes or curtains. They make the room look darker and gloomier, even when they are open. Also, do not go for treatments that cannot be opened or difficult-to-open. Replace old, filthy treatments with modern ones that match the style of your home.

How to Treat Windows Right

The right window treatments are those that let in moderate natural light, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the space. Professional home stagers choose to install bi-folding or plantation shutters when preparing and styling houses. These fixtures do not just let natural light in, illuminating the place and emphasizing the stunning features of your home; rather, they also make your house’s façade stand out with the different colours available.

If you choose to go with shutters, remember this golden rule:do not match it with the front door to keep it from looking boring. Try playing with different shades. For instance, if your front door is blue, you might want to choose a lighter or darker blue for the shutters.Use the front door or shutters’ colour to tease potential buyers of what to expect inside.

Treat your windows right and you will surely sell your home fast. Ditch those heavy, outdated window treatments that make your home look gloomier. Choose modern treatments that allow natural light in and improve curb appeal.

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