Getting Your Finances in Order: 4 Things that Sabotage Your Financial Stability


Most people’s problems boil down to one thing: a lack of money. It’s no wonder why money gurus have gained celebrity status, and financial literacy is among the best skills you can possess as an adult.

If you’ve taken all the seminars and signed up for three different jobs but you’re still struggling to meet your financial goals, it’s time to re-evaluate. The trouble may not be that you’re irresponsible, but you’ve taken care of the big stuff and overlooked the small ones in the process. Sometimes, it’s the minuscule details that, when handled poorly, results in terrible consequences.

No Budget for Miscellaneous

Budgeting requires a lot of discipline and introspection. There’s no way to pull it off without taking an honest look at your expenses and detailing where your money goes. The problem with most attempts to budget effectively is that there’s barely any room for miscellaneous expenses. If you take a hard look at your spending habits, it shouldn’t be difficult to see that it’s one of the most important categories in your budgeting plan.

The miscellaneous category is where Christmas decorations, birthday gifts, newsletter subscriptions, and unexpected purchases fall under. When you don’t allocate money for these things, you’ll end up pulling from your other resources and compromising your entire budget altogether.

Delaying Repairs

Faulty household appliances are disastrous. Just when you thought you had your bills under control, it’ll suddenly spike up. This is because when household appliances like refrigerators and water heaters malfunction, they cause electricity leakage. They’ll continue to direct power to your house, but they won’t make it to your appliances. When these problems aren’t addressed at once, your electric and water bills are affected.

The best solution is to maintain your appliances to ensure their performance. If you notice that they’re not functioning as well as they used to, look into the matter at once. Are your daily showers marked by changing water temperatures and reduced pressure? Maybe it’s time to search for a water heater service. Calling a professional is not just about minding your convenience; it’s also a means to ensure that you won’t be paying bills you didn’t earn.

Underestimating the Cost of Social Activities


There’s nothing wrong with having a social life. However, if you’re not a millionaire with an endless source of funds, it only makes sense that you limit them¬†and stick to a budget. You can also change things up by hosting game nights at your apartment and eating home-cooked meals. When you’ve exhausted your budget for the month, refuse invitations to concerts and dinners out that you can no longer afford. As difficult as it is to cope with the fear of missing out, no socializing is worth sacrificing your financial stability for. Compromising your budget once or twice could give you enough drive to keep up this bad habit in the long run.

Making Your Savings Too Accessible

It’s easier to muster self-control when your savings aren’t accessible. Put the money in a checking account, or open a new savings account in a different bank. Don’t carry the debit card with you everywhere because that will increase the temptation. Different methods work for different people. Find which options make it easier for you to leave your savings alone and stick to them. It won’t be long until you enjoy the rewards of your restraint.

Small Things Count

Managing your finances efficiently won’t happen overnight. As your earnings change and your lifestyle evolves, adjustments will become inevitable. What’s important is that you know how to manage both the big and small things that affect your financial standing in life.

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