Furnace Options for Safe and Effective Residential Installation

furnace installation

Heating is essential, especially now that cold spells are becoming worse each year. When the original unit has reached the end of its life span, it only makes sense to replace it as soon as possible. Once you have found the right furnace for your home, you’ve already done half of the work. The cost of the installation will add to the cost of the purchase. More complex furnace installation in Salt Lake City, Utah will entail bigger expense.

Electric versus Gas

Electric furnaces or air handlers run on electricity and can provide heating and cooling all year round. They can be paired with an existing heat pump or air conditioner. This type of furnace does not transfer heat but instead creates original heat. One of the disadvantages of electric-run furnaces is the strain the system is prone to experiencing when heating demands are high. In addition, they can be the primary reason for a significant rise in monthly utility bills.

Meanwhile, gas furnaces are hooked to the natural gas line. They can also be paired with the existing air distribution system, like the electric counterpart. You can only choose this type of furnace if the house already has a gas line. Typically, installation requires an additional indoor coil and a carbon monoxide detector for monitoring. Compared to electric furnaces, gas-powered appliances do not cause rising utility bills, and they are generally more powerful. Thus, they are ideal for areas requiring consistent and high heating.


warranty service

Your new furnace usually comes with two warranties. The first protects the furnace against innate defects, and it comes with the unit from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the contractor’s warranty covers labor, and it includes possible repair work in the future. If you can remember to get the contractor’s warranty in writing, you will feel more secure. If you can spare the extra expense, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an extended warranty.

Installation Guide for a Gas Furnace

You should feel confident that the new furnace is the best fit for your household. After all, you took the time to consult a local HVAC expert on important considerations, including appliance configuration, size, and energy source. Now, you are all set to hook it up and let it get to work.

A new furnace works best with a new power cord, so get one of those as well. The first step of installation is switching off the main power source of the house. Afterwards, make sure that the appliance itself is switched off. Hookups and relevant specifications are in the installation manual—a detailed compendium that you should not set aside or take for granted. If you can go through the manual in detail the day before, you’ll find it easier to perform the tasks at hand when it’s time to install the new equipment.

Homeowners have the choice between efficient electric heating systems and powerful gas-powered furnaces. The choices you make must be based on the current setup that you have at home and the heating and cooling needs of your family all year round.

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