Four Common Mistakes That Could Potentially Damage Your Kitchen / Four Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Beloved Kitchen

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People’s passion for keeping things spotlessly clean is an admirable trait. But some have taken it to a whole new level that it might be making some people sick.

Although it’s great to have a clean kitchen, hyper hygiene can lead to something more disastrous if left unchecked. That’s why you should avoid the following mistakes so you can prevent making any more mistakes in the future.

Throwing potato peels to the garbage disposal

Potato peels have a lot of starch in it. The starch can clump and create a thick paste which can clog your garbage disposal. Aside from potential clogging, potato peels sometimes pass through the garbage disposal intact, which can collect in other parts of your kitchen sink such as your piping. Food Network says that any stuck potato peels can be difficult to dislodge, causing it to block the entryway. The same thing goes with artichoke leaves. These leaves have tough fibers which can get in the way of the garbage disposal’s blades. The best way to dispose of them is by composting the peels and the leaves or throwing them in the bin.

Incorrectly loading the dishwasher

Putting the dishes in the wrong manner will only make it hard for your dishwasher to clean them properly. That’s why you need to put the dishes in the right spot to ensure that you get rid of all the food debris sticking in each dinnerware. Mother Nature Network suggests putting the dishes with carbohydrate in the area where they can get direct contact from the dishwasher’s sprayer arm. Meanwhile, dishes with protein should go around the exterior. Doing so ensures that it’ll get cleaned and soaked without getting a direct spray. If the dishwasher has separate baskets that don’t have dividers, place your silverware both up and down to get rid of all food debris.

Pureeing steaming hot liquids in a blender

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Swirling a mass of hot liquid in your blender is a dangerous idea. That’s because it causes the molecules of the liquid to expand and forces it up. The force creates pressure on the mixer, which can cause it to explode, which could burn you. It can even spray unto your entire kitchen, including the hardwood flooring that you got in Orange County, CA. So, to prevent that from happening, it’s best to puree the liquid in batches. Never fill the blender more than halfway to give it enough room to swirl around. Also, remove the center stopper from the lid to prevent pressure from building up. Instead, hold the blender with a kitchen towel over the opening.

Leaving the lemon juice on top of marble and granite countertops   Acids like vinegar and citrus juice can stain and etch the surface of the marble and granite countertops. That’s why you should wipe up any spills as quickly as possible. Doing so will prevent the juice from penetrating the countertop’s surface and causing further damage.

Knowing these common mistakes will not only prevent your kitchen from getting damaged, but it’ll also save you from expensive renovations. Read more and never be afraid to acknowledge your mistakes because that’s how you’ll learn.

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