Do These 4 Things and Save Your Hair

Hair LossWhen you’re starting to go bald, you can either accept this fact and do nothing or try to minimise the loss and save your hair. The latter option is the best way to go, as it can help you project confidence about the future of your hair for the years to come. You can, furthermore, rock any hairstyle you prefer or avoid cover-ups using hats or caps.

Minimising hair loss, of course, requires a commitment in taking caring of your locks. If you want to keep the strands growing or avoid going bald, keep these things in mind.

Dry Your Hair Gently

In an effort to dry the hair quickly, it is normal for most men to use a rough towel or rub their hair vigorously. Avoid this, as it breaks off your hair, as well as those that are starting to grow. Use a soft cloth and pat gently instead of rubbing. This is enough to eliminate excess moisture after showering.

Keep Your Hair Short

If you have a longer hairstyle, you might cut your locks shorter. Longer hair will only accentuate what’s already gone and frustrate you in covering your scalp. A shorter one, meanwhile, looks cleaner and fresher.

Be Wary on Treatments

Sometimes, the most obvious choice for curing baldness may not work. This is why it is best to do your research on supplements on hair thickening powder and products. Hairy Bastard recommends choosing those that will not only stop hair loss, but also promote hair regrowth.

Manage Daily Stress

Genetics can cause you to lose hair, but it is also best to keep in mind the emotional stress can aggravate hair loss. Find relaxing techniques or keep a regular exercise habit to reduce daily pressures. Doing so can make you feel go and benefit your hair for the long-term.

It is also advisable to adopt a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and organic meat to strengthen your hair and the rest of your body. You can also talk with your doctor to know more about vitamin supplements. Older men or those at the age of 20 may need more vitamins and iron to avoid hair thinning.

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