Concrete Core Drilling: The Basic Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

Concrete Drilling in Salt Lake CityA couple of things come into play when doing concrete core drilling. First, there is the thickness and strength of the concrete. The second is the diameter of the round hole. These two factors determine the most important aspects of any concrete core drill.

  • Its diamond bit’s strength
  • The drill’s ability to resist torque
The bit’s strength

The wrong diamond bit will either render your core drill ineffective, or wear out faster. Hard bit matrices are perfect for soft concrete, while soft diamond matrices drill through tough concrete more efficiently. If you suspect that you will be working on a variety of surfaces, consider going for a blend of these two. You won’t get their extreme performances, but you will have a fraction of each in your core drill.

Ability to resist torque

Small handheld drills can easily punch 2-inch holes into concrete. Anything beyond this is too tasking to your arm muscles. You will have to hold the drill firmly to allow the bit to turn and grind away at the concrete without spinning itself.

If you are going to handle huge holes, consider packing a rig mounted core drills. Sometimes, it is better to call core drilling services in Salt Lake City to handle all the hefty drilling – especially if you do not have the tools and the skills to drill precise holes.

Speed VS. power

The drill’s rotations per minute determine it’s boring speed. Each drill will have a specific RPM for its diamond segments and motor power. Higher speeds will put less strain on the motor while glazing the diamond section faster.

A powerful motor will allow you to run larger core bits. These can support higher application pressure and get the job done with less RPM setting. Understanding a drill and the target surface will ensure that you make a perfect power/speed trade-off.

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